(Frequently asked questions)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Please call 707 964-6333 and our friendly receptionist will be happy to connect you with the appropriate department.

Q. What is respite care?

A. Respite care allows caretakers to take temporary or occasional time off to recoup emotionally, handle other family tasks or get away for awhile.

Many family members or caregivers dedicate almost all of their free time to taking care of their elder family member. In an increasingly mobile society where some family members have moved out of the general area, the remaining family member(s) have an increased burden and very little chance to go anywhere, do anything, or even have a family vacation.

Respite strengthens the ability of families and primary caregivers to continue to provide care in the home. Occasional relief supports family stability and well-being. Respite is often referred to as a gift of time.

At Sherwood Oaks, we can help. We offer full service respite care on a space available basis, for a respite stay of less than 15 days per stay..

Q. What is included in Respite Care?

A. Your loved ones are provided all the services our full time clients receive. We are careful to evaluate and be sensitive to the level of independence each client needs. Our services include:

  • Three home cooked meals per day from a various menu.
  • Between meal nutritious and fresh snacks
  • Help with dressing, if needed
  • Help with bathing and personal hygiene
  • Daily Laundry
  • Rooms cleaned and beds made every morning
  • Medication Administration
  • Incontinence Management
  • Professional Hair and Nails (Available)
  • Plus all of the activities that are scheduled for that time

Q. Do you accept Medi-Cal?
A. Yes.  We are Medicare and Medi-Cal certified. Medi-Cal is available to qualified individuals and covers all major aspects of a resident’s stay at the facility.  To find out if you’re eligible contact your local Social Services Department.

Q. Do you accept Medicare?
A. Medicare is accepted for qualifying residents.  In order for Medicare to cover any long term care cost the resident must have had a 3 day qualifying stay at an acute hospital prior to admission and need skilled services such as rehabilitation therapy or a qualified skilled nursing service.  Medicare covers the first 20 Med A days at 100% and day 21 through 100 require a co-pay, (refer to your Medicare Manual for daily rate), as long as the skilled services are needed.  If, during the 100 days, the resident is no longer in need of skilled services the Medicare coverage will stop.

Q. What is the cost for Private Pay individuals (those that don’t qualify for Medicare or Medi-Cal)?
A. The private pay rate is a daily rate and it is determined by the type of room the resident occupies.  The cost is between $195 and $220 per day.

Q. Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance?
A. Please contact our business office to get specific information regarding policies and coverage.

Q. What kind of food do you serve?
A. We strive to provide nutritious and palatable food based on resident need and preference.  Realizing that we cannot please everyone’s individual taste buds for every meal of every day, we do offer an extensive substitute list to choose from.

Q. Do residents have to participate in the activity program?
A. No, but we do encourage all capable residents to get up and out of their room daily and offer a variety of activities to try to meet each person’s individual needs.  One to one bedside visits are arranged for people that are bed bound.

Q. Can someone be admitted for a short period of time?
A. We do accept respite stays for a maximum of 15 days per stay.

Q. What therapy do you offer?
A. We have a full time Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy as needed.

Q. What if I need a dentist?
A. If you have an established relationship with a local dentist we make every effort to assist in seeing your dentist.  For those that are unable to go to an appointment outside the facility, we have a dentist that comes to the facility monthly to do check-ups.

Q. Can residents go out of the facility with family and friends?
A. If a resident wants to go out to lunch or home for the holidays this is permissible.  The only exception is those residents on Medicare A.  Outings are permitted that are therapeutic in nature while a resident is in need of a skilled service.